Mr. Ashok Karuvarathodi

Ashok Karuvarathodi is a highly accomplished and visionary entrepreneur in the field of education and university development programs. With a strong focus on quality-oriented and student-centered educational services, he is renowned for his hard work, meticulous planning, and dedication. As the Managing Director of Campus International, Ashok Karuvarathodi has driven the company to substantial growth, establishing it as a leading name in the global education consultancy sector. With a corporate office in the Republic of Armenia and franchises in several countries, including India, Russia, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, and the USA, he has successfully expanded the influence and impact of Campus International.

Role at the University of Traditional Medicine of Armenia:
Ashok Karuvarathodi’s dedication to student welfare and academic excellence is exemplified in his role at the University of Traditional Medicine of Armenia. He not only serves as a trusted friend but also as a paternal figure to every student at the university. Residing in Armenia, he actively participates in their daily lives and studies, adopting a hands-on approach. This close involvement ensures the provision of high-quality education, student safety, and overall well-being, akin to the care and support of a parent.

Leadership and Empowerment Initiatives:
Recognizing the significance of leadership development, Ashok Karuvarathodi has spearheaded various initiatives at the University of Traditional Medicine of Armenia to empower students and enhance their future prospects. Through these programs, students are equipped with invaluable leadership qualities that will prove beneficial in their careers and personal lives.

Experience and Global Engagement:
Ashok Karuvarathodi boasts a wealth of experience gained from diverse global organizations, including the USA, UK, Germany, India, Nigeria, Ghana, United Arab Emirates, Georgia, and Italy. This broad exposure has provided him with valuable insights and a global perspective in the field of education. As the Co-founder of Royal Victorian University and the Managing Director of the Royal Victorian University Foundation, he has played a pivotal role in establishing the university and fostering connections with industry leaders. Additionally, Ashok Karuvarathodi serves as a global advisor for HitchLine LLC, a US-based technology company specializing in networking solutions. His profound understanding of academia and business management, coupled with his academic training as an academic teacher and his master’s degree in business management, contribute to his success and effectiveness in driving educational initiatives.

Ashok Karuvarathodi’s exceptional leadership, commitment to student welfare, and passion for empowering students make him an invaluable asset to Royal Victorian University. His extensive experience and dedication to delivering quality education ensure the continuous growth and success of the university in shaping the future of its students.