Mr. Thulasidas Chandrakumar

Thulasidas Chandrakumar is an accomplished entrepreneur and education projects consultant with over 20 years of experience. With a successful track record of completing more than 50 projects, he has worked extensively with various institutions ranging from schools to colleges. Thulasidas has contributed to the fields of branding, establishment, marketing, admission guidance, project development, and promotion. He has been actively involved in the Skill India Mission, a government of India initiative aimed at achieving skill development targets in the country.

Thulasidas Chandrakumar holds a Master’s degree in English Literature. His educational background has equipped him with a deep understanding of language, communication, and critical thinking skills, which he applies effectively in his work as an educational consultant.

Thulasidas has made significant contributions to the education sector throughout his career. He has successfully completed more than 50 projects, collaborating with over 100 institutions in India and abroad with areas such as branding, establishment, marketing, admission guidance, project development, and promotion. His strategic guidance has helped institutions improve their visibility, attract students, and enhance their overall reputation.

As the State Coordinator for the National Skill Developement Corporation (NSDC) Programme, Thulasidas played a crucial role in implementing healthcare courses in 100 hospitals across the state of Kerala as part of the Skill India Mission. His efforts have contributed to the skill development of numerous individuals, fostering employment opportunities and improving the various sectors including healthcare, management and engineering.

Thulasidas also holds the position of Operations head at the American Board of Education (ABE), a non-profit organization established in California, USA. ABE evaluates and qualifies educational institutions for professional development programs and certifies qualified individuals. Thulasidas has been instrumental in ensuring the high standards and credibility of educational institutions associated with ABE.

Thulasidas Chandrakumar possesses a unique set of skills that have been instrumental in his success as an entrepreneur and educational consultant. He is experienced in the field of education, having completed numerous projects and worked with a wide range of institutions. Thulasidas’s passion for education and skill development is evident in his dedication to his work. His creative approach enables him to provide innovative solutions and strategies to address the unique needs and challenges of each project. He is ambitious and constantly seeks growth and learning opportunities to stay at the forefront of the education industry. Thulasidas’s exceptional planning and organizational skills allow him to develop comprehensive project plans and successfully execute them, ensuring timely completion and goal achievement.